Weed Delivery In South Australia

Weed Delivery In South Australia. There have been some steps to possibly legalizing weed in South Australia but for now, buying weed in Adelaide is illegal. Many people would like to buy weed in Adelaide safely and legally, but the only options are through the medicinal cannabis access pathways. Weed Delivery In South Australia

Weed is still very much considered an illicit drug in Australia so it may be a while before a local cannabis store in Adelaide opens to the public. Especially if it is for recreational use. Regardless of your stance on cannabis, there is some research being undertaken on the potential of medicinal cannabis as a treatment for several conditions including, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic pain, and many others. Buy THC Edibles Online SA

Some patients have been prescribed medicinal cannabis through legal access but only after coming to an informed decision and knowing the possible negative side effects. Buy THC Vape Pens Online SA

South Australia Weed Laws

Weed is illegal in South Australia with minor offences decriminalized. That means, instead of prosecution you receive a small fine known as an expiation notice. According to the Controlled Substances Act 1984, using, keeping, growing, selling, or supplying any cannabis product including cannabis oil and cannabis resin is illegal. Buy Delta-8 THC Gummies Online SA

A small offence such as being caught with a small amount of weed or smoking on private property, should not lead to a criminal conviction unless a more serious offence has also been committed such as buying or selling cannabis.

Cannabis Expiation Notice in SA

In South Australia, a simple or minor offence may be met with a Cannabis Expiation Notice which is a small fine ranging from $130 to $400. You will have 28 days to pay the fee that has been prescribed in your expiation notice. Once the fee has been paid, the notice is then classified as expiated, and the offence is not added to your criminal record. Buy Critical Kush Online SA

The following weed-related offences lead to an expiation notice:

  • Being caught with less than 100 grams of cannabis – fees are $250 for less than 25 grams and $400 for having 25-100g of cannabis.
  • Possessing less than 20 grams of cannabis resin (hash) – fees are $250 for less than 5 g of resin and $400 for possessing 5-20g of resin.
  • Privately consuming or smoking marijuana – not in a public area, this is a $250 expiation fee
  • Growing one cannabis plant for personal use without fertilization or hydroponic equipment. The expiation fee is $400.
  • Owning or having pipes, bongs or other cannabis equipment that is not for commercial use is a $250 expiation fee. The fee is reduced to $130 if there are other small offences. Weed Delivery In South Australia

Other offences such as hydroponically growing cannabis, smoking or using marijuana in a public place, or cultivating marijuana for commercial purposes will all attract a high legal penalty.  Buy Ecstasy Pills Online SA

Authority to Prescribe Marijuana in SA

Further approval from the State of South Australia may be required when applying for medical cannabis access. This approval is known as a Section 18A authority to prescribe medicinal cannabis and is regulated by the South Australian Controlled Substances ACT 1984.

Section 18A authority applies to schedule 8 medical marijuana products and is only required in two situations. The first is if a patient has already been using medical marijuana as a treatment for 2 months or has already been prescribed and using a schedule 8 substance for over 2 months. Buy Driver’s License Online Without Test

Before a patient can begin treatment using medical marijuana if a medical practitioner finds there is reason to believe that the patient may be drug dependent then they will also require a section 18A authority. Buy Weed Europe

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